Shoes are one of the few things that are part of our everyday lives. One can not go out and effectively take on the day without a pair of shoes. With that sometimes comes a sentimental value with the shoes we wear. Takkiewash SA was established seven years ago to help people take care of their shoes while they take on the world. We offer the best hand wash care and excellent services to our customers. You can see some of our work throughout the website or on our social media platforms.

Not only do we clean and polish your shoes, but we also extend their life span with our refurbishing and repair services. You no longer have to throw away your favourite pair of shoes or sneakers after months or a few years with them. We’ve all had that comfortable shoe or that one that always went well with anything we wore run out of juice. Now instead of having to replace it, you can repair it with us.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our stores. As you trust Takkiewash to take care of your footwear while you take care of business.