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TakkieWash South Africa (Pty) Ltd is a company that specializes in shoe care services based in Musgrave, Durban. TakkieWashSA provides affordable specialized care for all types of shoes and their special needs. Our services range from basic shoe washing/ cleaning, Polishing of formal shoes, Heels and Suede/Nubuck treatment using waterless solutions with the use of specialized non-harmful products. We are known for our meticulous color-matching skills when refurbishing old and faded shoes. We can either recolor with the original color or completely give your shoe a new identity, giving you that fresh-from-the-box brand new feel at a fraction of what they cost you.

We are extremely meticulous in what we do and have immense pride in our quality of service that we provide. Let us collect/clean/Polish/refurbish your dirty shoes and deliver them back to you as good as new within 24hrs!!

Takkie Wash

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